Phil Neville Chooses if David Beckham or Lionel Messi Would Be the Biggest MLS Football Transfer


Phil Neville, the Inter Milan manager has had his say on if David Beckham or Lionel Messi would be the biggest transfer of MLS football of all time. Messi is allegedly not certain about extending his contract with PSG in the previous summer as a move to MLS appears to be on the cards.

The management team of PSG has been hopeful about the previous month that the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner signs on quickly with the choice for a third year in Paris after renegotiating in the wake of the FFP-related issues of the club.

Nevertheless, the former star of Barcelona and his team have still to accept the offer with the choice of moving over to Inter Milan said to be interesting.

The winner of the World Cup is said to be tempted to make a move to Miami along with his family all set to relocate to Florida.

The owner of Inter Miami, David Beckham wanted to bring Messi to the MLS football since he established the club 5 years ago.

The arrival of Messi in the US is going to be the biggest deal since the move of Beckham from Real Madrid to LA Galaxy in 2012.

Speaking of such a deal, the manager of Miami Neville had recently asked if the move of Messi to the States is going to trump the arrival of Beckham in 2007.

He gave a statement where he said that he thinks that it is much bigger than Inter Miami and big for the MLS. He thinks that it is probably going to be the biggest-ever signing in American sports.

When asked if the club is ready for additional attention that Messi would bring, Neville said that Life is going to change and things will be different.